Religious Sociology in The Era Post Trush in Indonesia

  • Ahmad Subakir
Keywords: Sociology of Religion, Post Trush, Society


In this era the truth is very difficult to distinguish from a lie and even lies are now forced as a truth, the main factor influencing to make a lie as the truth of a rank held or position of a person. Lies are now very difficult to expose to the truth due to continued social media access without any restrictions. Society seems to be in a valley of dilemma between truth and lies, the more abstract it becomes a big problem in the life of society in addition to society that only certain shortcomings can distinguish between truth and lies that are forced to make a truth so this paper lifts the theme Religious Sociology in the Post Trush Era in Indonesia. This paper is dominated by literature studies and research materials. There are three questions in this paper first, how does Sociology of Religion play a role in the life of society? Second, what is the impact of Post Trush in community life ?. Third, what are the implications of the use of Religious Sociology in community life ?. Descriptive method of analysis with a qualitative approach to explain the role of religious sociology in the life of society. With Analisys content to explain the development of Post Trush in the life of the community, and use the sociohististic approach to explain the impact of Post Trush in the life of society. This paper aims to first understand the role of religious sociology in the life of society. Both know how the impact of Post Trush on community life. Third, knowing the Implications of religious sociology in community life.


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